Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everglades: And then there were birds

When I haven't been back to a place for an extended period of time I tend to forget why that was.  In the case of the Everglades it's the toll that hurricanes extracted  -- destroying countless trees and even wiping out the Flamingo Hotel.  On the Anghina Trail -- where bird photography was often like shooting fish in a barrel -- the pickings were slim and the alligators more scarce.
Of course, what would the Anhinga Trail be without its namesake:

Also resting up for a busy day of fishing was this Cormorant:

And while the pickings were indeed slim, it always makes my day to find a green heron:

While these birds will let you get relatively close you can't stand in front of them.  That's why these images were taken with a Canon 500mm f.4L lens on a Canon 50D camera attached to an Arca-Swiss Z1 ballhead on a Gitzo 1228 tripod.

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