Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I lost it.

Ryerson Woods, Lake County, Illinois
Ten years ago I had the privilege of spending the day with a wonderful photographer, Joel Sartore of National Geographic.  It was a delightfully overcast early spring day at Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve in Lake County.  The above image was one of our favorites from the day's shoot.
Trillium, Ryerson Woods, Lake County, Illinois

Months later the inevitable happened.  Suddenly I heard clicking and clacking and then nothing from the hard drive on which literally thousands of images had resided.  Pure agony.

Fortunately, I had backed up my images on compact discs -- spindles of them.  It took nearly two days (with some sleep breaks) to restore what had been lost.  All except these two images for which all that remained was what had been downsized for web viewing.

Today I immediately back up all images on at least two hard drives in the field and periodically copy them to a series of hard drives at home, at least one of which is normally kept off site.  It's cheap insurance against the inevitable.

I was fortunate that I recovered almost all that had been lost -- except for two of my favorites.

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